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60+ Satisfied

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Who We Are ?

We are a Mumbai based dealer of Unlisted, Pre IPO, and Delisted Shares. We have helped Thousands of individual and institutional clients in buying and selling high-quality unlisted shares/Pre IPO Shares. The total transaction value exceeds Rs.500 cr. Due to our vast reach, we are able to match the trades and provide the best prices to our clients. To achieve this we often act as bulk breakers or aggregators.

Our superiority stems from robust systems and processes which provide smooth and hassle-free flow of agreement backed transactions by ensuring timely delivery of shares and money to the clients.

While investments in Unlisted/Pre IPO shares have the potential of giving high returns, they are also accompanied by higher risk due to a variety of reasons. Investors need to exercise caution while investing in Unlisted/Pre IPO companies. Generally, they should have a minimum time horizon of 4 years and should not allocate more than 30% of their portfolio in Unlisted/Pre IPO shares*.


To use innovation and technology to expand the choices available to investors and customers.


To achieve $1 Billion turnover in FY2021 and en-route, set ethically guided benchmarks to help create a regulatory framework for optimizing all stakeholders’ interests.

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Leadership Team


Mr. Altaf Siddiqui
Mr. Altaf Siddiqui
Mr. Raj Menon
Mr. Raj Menon
Chief Strategy Officer
Mr. Sagar Doke
Mr. Sagar Doke
Vice President - Strategic Alliances

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