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Our Investment Policy

While choosing our stocks we place equal emphasis on Ethics and growth. On the ethics front we look for Management teams that have a focus on corporate governance along with a decent performance track record. An existing PE presence and a reputed parentage provide added comfort. We are particularly interested in sectors that are growing at a rate more than 20% CAGR and zero down on those companies that are growing faster than the industry with stated IPO plans within 5 years.

As a policy we do not invest or trade in stocks of companies that:
  • Produce/distil/sell/trade or distribute alcoholic beverages or related products.
  • Engage in pornography or obscenities in any form.
  • Primarily engage in the entertainment business (Films, videos, theater, cinema, etc).
  • Are engaged in gambling casinos, lotteries and related games and activities, such as bookmakers.
  • Are active in Interest based financial practices or insurance.
  • Are involved in the arms' industry, defense and the like.
  • Produce/slaughter/sell/trade or distribute pork (or pork-related) products and blood.
  • Wherein a material portion of the total revenue comprises of interest based income.
  • Wherein a significant portion of the Total Assets are funded by Interest based debt.
  • Produce/grow/sell/trade or distribute intoxicants or related products (drugs, tobacco, etc).

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