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As a policy we do not invest or trade in stocks of companies that:

  1. Produce/distil/sell/trade or distribute alcoholic beverages or related products.
  2. Engage in pornography or obscenities in any form.
  3. Primarily engage in the entertainment business (Films, videos, theater, cinema, etc).
  4. Are engaged in gambling casinos, lotteries and related games and activities, such as bookmakers.
  5. Are active in Interest based financial practices or insurance.
  6. Are involved in the arms' industry, defense and the like.
  7. Produce/slaughter/sell/trade or distribute pork (or pork-related) products and blood.
  8. Produce/grow/sell/trade or distribute intoxicants or related products (drugs, tobacco, etc).
  9. Wherein a significant portion of the Total Assets are funded by Interest based debt.
  10. Wherein a material portion of the total revenue comprises of interest based income.